Wine Producer Mantinia

The vineyards of the fertile wine-growing zone of Mantineia will meet them in the northeast of Tripoli, on the plateau stretching between Mainalo, Parnonas, Artemisio, Ktenia and Oliveiro, at an altitude of 600-650 meters. The soil is generally poor, with good drainage. As for the climate, it is characterized by many rains and snow in the winter, frequent rains and storms in the summer and low temperatures, compared to most other regions of the mainland. These elements of the ecosystem contribute to lengthening the period of grape maturation. So the vines in Mantineia usually mature in the second half of September, quite late for a southern Greek region.
Today, the new crop is a celebration that celebrates the Harvest in all of Arcadia as it deserves! With celebrations and events, with wine and wine tasting, cheerful and traditional rhythms, the wine festival is a celebration of nature and joy.