Ancient Mantinia

Ancient town of Arcadia, known from history and prehistory. Homer even mentions it as a "ternegna country" ("Madinhein eaterine").
According to the ancient tradition, it was named after the name of the hero Madineus, son of Lykaona. Mantineia was at the beginning a union of five municipalities with the capital of Acropolis of Ptole. He participated in the Trojan War, where afterwards the inhabitants of the village joined a city creating a state. Its inhabitant was called "Madinen." It was on the border of Argolis, south of Orchomenos and north of Tegea. The whole area was called "Manty", which occupied the entire plain of Tripoli (Tripolitsas) that stretches right up to the position of ancient Mantineia.

The ruins of ancient Mantineia, located in the plain around Tripoli, are now called Palaiopoli and under the same name "Mantineia" is called the province of Arcadia, which was named after Ancient Mantineia.

In the prehistoric times, the city was in the present-day Gorskouli area, where we find prehistoric buildings as well as remarkable sanctuaries of historical times. In Roman times, the city was called Antigoneia.